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KitchenAid Food Processor Cutting Blade, KFP72BL, WP8212014

KitchenAid Food Processor Cutting Blade, KFP72BL, WP8212014
Item#: 8212014

OUR PRICE: $36.48

Brand new, KitchenAid food processor cutting blade, KFP72BL, WP8212014.

Fits models:4KFP750BU0, 4KFP750BU1, 4KFP750CR0, 4KFP750ER0, 4KFP750ER1, 4KFP750OB0, 4KFP750OB1, 4KFP750PK0, 4KFP750PK1, 4KFP750WH0, 4KFP750WH1, 4KFPM770CR0, 4KFPM770NK0, 4KFPM770NK1, 4KFPW760OB0, 4KFPW760OB1, 4KFPW760OB2, 4KFPW760WH0, 4KFPW760WH1, 4KFPW760WH2, 5KFPM770AAC0, 5KFPM770AER0, 5KFPM770ANK0, 5KFPM770AWH0, 5KFPM770BAC0, 5KFPM770BER0, 5KFPM770BNK0, 5KFPM770BOB0, 5KFPM770BWH0, 5KFPM770EAC0,5KFPM770EER0, 5KFPM770ENK0, 5KFPM770EWH0, 5KFPM770SAC0, 5KFPM770SER0, 5KFPM770SNK0, 5KFPM770SOB0, 5KFPM770SWH0, KFP750AQ2, KFP750BU0, KFP750BU1, KFP750W1, KFP750W2, KFP750CR0, KFP750ER0, KFP750ER1, KFP750ER2, KFP750GC1, KFP750GC2, KFP750OB0, KFP750OB1, KFP750OB2, KFP750PK0, KFP750PK1, KFP750PK2, KFP750WH0, KFP750WH1, KFP750WH2, KFPM770CR0, KFPM770NK0, KFPM770NK0, KFPM770NK1, KFPW760CER2, KFPW760COB0, KFPW760COB2, KFPW760CWH0, KFPW760CWH2, KFPW760ER1, KFPW760ER2, KFPW760OB0, KFPW760OB1, KFPW760OB2, KFPW760QBU0, KFPW760QBU1, KFPW760QBW1, KFPW760QBW2, KFPW760QCR0, KFPW760QER0, KFPW760QER1, KFPW760QER2, KFPW760QGC1, KFPW760QGC2, KFPW760QOB0, KFPW760QOB1, KFPW760QOB2, KFPW760QWH0, KFPW760QWH1, KFPW760QWH2, KFPW760WH0, KFPW760WH1, KFPW760WH2.

Replaces Part Numbers: AP3964092, 1420794, AH987330, EA987330, PS987330, 8212014, PS11745366, AP6012159

If you are not sure if this will fit your model, please email us and we will be happy to verify for you.

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