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Range Knob Set for Whirlpool, Sears, 814362

Range Knob Set for Whirlpool, Sears, 814362
Item#: RK362

OUR PRICE: $9.65

Brand new range knob set replaces Whirlpool, Sears, Kenmore, Roper, Estate, KitchenAid, 814362 Knob set includes 4 burner knobs, 3 selector knobs and 2 thermostat knobs. Use the correct knobs and discard the rest. All these knobs take a double-flat shaft

Fits Models: RF390PXPW0 RF3165XPW0 RF330PXPW0 RF3020XPW0 RF365BXVN0 RF365BXPW1 RF310PXPW0 RF363PXPT1 RF365BXVW0 RF395PXPW1 RF302BXPW0 RF375PXPW0 RF3100XPW0 RF375PXPW1 RF310PXVN0 RF3300XPW0 RF3620XPW1 RF363PXPT0 RF367BXPW0 RF3750XPW1 RF375PXVW0 RF395PXPW0 RF3750XPW0 RF385PXPW0 RF365BXPW0 RF363PXVT0 RF3165XVN0 RF366BXVW0 RF385PXVW0 RF390PXVN0 RF398PXPW0 RF398PXPW1 RF3000XPW0 RF3020XVN0 RF302BXVN0 RF3365XPW0 RF3620XPW0 RF385PXPW1 RF306BXPW0 RF310PXVW0 RF313PXPT0 RF317PXPW0 RF330PXVW0 RF333PXPT0 RF350PXPW0 RF3600XPW0 RF3600XPW1 RF367BXVW0 RF385PCVW0 RF387PXPW0 RF390PXVW0 RF396PXVN0 99521 (1988) 99528 (1988) 99531 (1988) 99538 (1988) 99541 (1988) 99548 (1988) RF3000XVN0 RF3000XVW0 RF3020XVF0 RF3020XVG0 RF3020XVM0 RF3020XVW0 RF302BXVF0 RF302BXVG0 RF302BXVM0 RF302BXVW0 RF303BXPW0 RF306BXVN0 RF306BXVW0 RF3100XVN0 RF3100XVW0 RF310PXVF0 RF310PXVG0 RF310PXVM0 RF3120XPW0 RF313PXVT0 RF3140XPN0 RF3165XVF0 RF3165XVG0 RF3165XVM0 RF3165XVW0 RF317PXVG0 RF317PXVN0 RF317PXVW0 RF327PXPW0 RF327PXVN0 RF327PXVW0 RF3300XVN0 RF3300XVW0 RF330PXVN0 RF332BXPW0 RF333PXVT0 RF3365XVN0 RF3365XVW0 RF336PXPW0 RF345PXPW0 RF360BXPW0 RF360BXVF0 RF360BXVG0 RF360BXVM0 RF360BXVN0 RF360BXVW0 RF3620XVN0 RF3620XVW0 RF365BXPN0 RF365BXPN1 RF366BXVN0 RF367BXVN0 RF375PXVN0 RF375PXVN1 RF375PXVW1 RF377PXVG0 RF377PXVN0 RF377PXVN1 RF377PXVW0 RF377PXVW1 RF3850XVN0 RF3850XVW0 RF385PCVN0 RF385PXVN0 RF387PXVF0 RF387PXVG0 RF387PXVM0 RF387PXVN0 RF387PXVW0 RF395PXVN0 RF395PXVW0 RF396PXVW0 RF398PXVN0 RF398PXVW0

Replaces Parts: AP3139541, 2674, 3-30177, 3-30178, 330169, 330170, 330171, 330172, 330173, 330175, 330176, 330177, 330178, 330180, AH389194, EA389194, PS389194 814362