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Gas Grill 1.5 Volt Electronic Spark Generator for Kenmore, Amana, 03350

Gas Grill 1.5 Volt Electronic Spark Generator for Kenmore, Amana, 03350
Item#: 03350

OUR PRICE: $15.92

Brand new Gas Grill 1.5 Volt Electronic Spark Generator for Kenmore, Amana, and others. 03350.

Fits Models: Amana Models AM30LP, AM33LP, AM33LP-P, SS5, 69F6U00KS1 Aussie Model 69F6U00KS1 Backyard Grill Models BY12-084-029-98, BY13-101-001-13, GBC1255W Beaumark Models BM616-NG, BM616 Better Homes & Gardens Models BG1755B, BH13-101-099-02, Brinkmann Models 810-1750-S, 810-8501-S, 810-8502-S Charbroil Models 463210310, 463211711, 463212511, 463230510, 463244011, 463250811, 463271309, 463460708, 463460710, 466420911 Charmglow Models 810-7400-F, 810-7400-S, 810-8500-S, 810-8530-F, 810-8530-S Coleman Models 85-3028-6, G52203, G52204 Grand Cafe Models CG108ALP Grill Chef Models BM616, GC610, GC616, GC716, GC7550, GC816, PAT502 Grill Master Models 720-0670E, 720-0697 Grillada Models GG60000-4B Grill Zone Models 810-6650-T, 810-6670-T Igloo Models BB10514A Jenn-Air Models 720-0336B, 720-0336C, 720-0511, 720-0512, 720-0709, 720-0709B, 720-0720, 720-0727, 730-0336B, 730-0336C, 730-0709, 730-0720, JA480, JA580 Kenmore Models 122.16134, 122.1613411, 122.166419, 122.166489, 146.1613211, 146.1613311, 148.1665601, 16641, 16648, 16657, 415.166579, 415.16657900G, 720-0650A, 720-0773 Kitchen Aid Models 720-0336D, 720-0745, 730-0745 Kmart Models 640-26629611-0, 640-82960819-9 Master Chef Models 85-3100-2, T480 Master Forge Models 2518-3, 3218LT, 678489, B10LG25, E3518-LP, L3218, P3018, SH3118B Nexgrill Models 720-0336B, 720-0336C, 720-0336D, 720-0511, 720-0512, 720-0584, 720-0607, 720-0649, 720-0650, 720-0650A, 720-0670A, 720-0670C, 720-0670E, 720-0691A, 720-0709, 720-0709B, 720-0719BL, 720-0720, 720-0727, 720-0744, 720-0745, 720-0773, 730-0336B, 730-0336C, 730-0691A, 730-0709, 730-0720, 730-0745, 85-3225-6 North American Outdoors Models BB10514A Outdoor Gourmet Models B09SMG1-3F, B10SR10-C, GR2057601-0G-00 Omaha Grills Models B09SMG1-3F Patio Chef Models SS54, SS72LP, SS72NG Patio Range Models CG7200, CG7200LP, CG7200NG, CG8400, CG8400NG Perfect Flame Models E3520-LPG, E3520-NG, PF30LP River Grille Models GR1031-012965 S.R. Potten Models BM616-NG, BM616, CG7200, CG7200LP, CG7200NG, CG8400, CG8400NG, GC616-NG, GC616, GC716, GC7550, GC816, PAT502, SS54, SS72-LP, SS72-NG Sams Club Models 720-0584, 720-0691A, 720-0709, 720-0709B, 730-0691A, B09SMG1-3F, M3206ALP, M3206ANG, M3207ALP, M3207ANG Sonoma Models PF30LP Surefire Models SF34LP, SF892LP Tera Gear Models 1010007A Tuscany Models SH-CS812LP Uberhaus Models 720-0430, 780-0003 Uniflame Models GBC1059WB, GBC1059WE-C, GBC1143W-C, GBC850W, GBC850W-C, GBC850WNG-C, GBC940WIR, GBC956W1NG-C Vermont Castings Models CF9080, CF9085, CF9085-3A, CF9085-3B, CF9086, VC500, VCS3008, VCS3018, VCS3028, VCS3038, VCS4000, VCS4005C, VCS4006, VCS4007, VCS4008, VCS4017, VCS4018, VCS4027, VCS4028, VCS4037, VCS4038, VCS5000, VCS5000B, VCS5005, VCS5005B, VCS5006, VCS5006B, VCS5007, VCS5007BI, VCS5010, VCS5016, VCS5017, VCS5026, VCS5027, and 12 additional models. XPS Models XH1510

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